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This has been an exciting year for Mangalamkosha Publications. In 2013 we celebrated the release of three volumes of commentary on the mystical songs of Mahasiddha Virupa.

These recent publications mark the beginning of a very productive time here at Mangalamkosha. Khenpo Lama Migmar has already commenced work on his next book entitled “Awakening To The Noble Truth”which will be an extensive explanation on the Four Noble Truths including the sixteen aspects relating to those vital Buddhist teachings.

We are currently planning to release ten books between January 2014 and February 2017. These will include a commentary on the essence of the “Heart Sutra”, an explanation on “The Thirty-seven Noble Path” as well as “The Seven Noble Wealth” and three volumes of teachings on Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyaltsen’s profound songs of experience which will be called “Doha, The Great Song Of Awakening”. We plan to publish a study of the “Thirty-seven Bodhisattva Path”, as well as a book detailing the “One Hundred and Eight Mahisiddhas”We are also in the process of completing a book on the “Twenty-one Taras” complete with full color reprints of the Tara thangkas which Lama Migmar recently commissioned.

Our translators have also been hard at work this year. We have already completed translations of Mahasiddha Virupa’s “Amritasiddhi” and are currently translating “Yoginisancharya”. In the year ahead we will translate Mal Lotsawa’s  “Lagu Samvara”, the condensed root tantra of Chakrasamvara, the most important text in the Sakya Tradition is the translation of this text done by Mal Lotsawa Lodo Dragpa. This text was then transmitted to Sachen Kungpa Nyingpo. Sachen then wrote a detailed commentary on this tantra, the first in Tibetan. Later, Sakya masters, such as Amyezhabs, also composed important commentaries on this version. We are planning to translate Mal Lotsawa’s Laghusamvara into English. Next, we are planning to translate the self-intiation texts of both the Ghantapada Chakrasamvara and the Naropa’s Vajrayogini into English. Finally, we are going to translate the fire puja of Naropa’s Vajrayogini, which is essential for completing the basic approach retreat of Vajrayogini. We hope to provide a complete library of original Sakya Tradition texts for the practice of the Ghantapada Chakrasamvara tradition and Naropa’s Vajrayogini tradition. There are many important texts necessary for the practice of these profound paths.

We have extensive work to do transcribing, translating, arranging and editing all of these manuscripts before they can be published. We will also need to hire professional graphic designers to bring these projects to completion.

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