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Mahasiddha Virupa

Mahasiddha Gorakshanath

108 Mahasiddha ( - celebrating the lives, preserving the arts and teachings of the 84 Indian Mahasiddhas and the 24 Tibetan Togdan Mahasiddhas.

Mahasiddha Nagarjuna

108 Mahasiddha ( - celebrating the lives, preserving the arts and teachings of the 84 Indian Mahasiddhas and the 24 Tibetan Togdan Mahasiddhas.

Mahasiddha Aryadeva

108 Mahasiddha ( - celebrating the lives, preserving the arts and teachings of the 84 Indian Mahasiddhas and the 24 Tibetan Togdan Mahasiddhas.

Mahasiddha Saraha

Mahasiddha Vinapa

Mahasiddha Vinapa

Mangalam Asian Art Preservation

Mahasiddha Khatagapa

Mangalam Asian Art Preservation

Mahasiddha Kamparipa

Mangalam Asian Art

Mahasiddha Dhamapala

Mangalam Asian Art

Mahasiddha Kukuripa

Mangalam Asian Art Preservation

Mahasiddha Tentalipa

Mangalam Asian Arts Preservation

Mahasiddha Mikaripa

We at Mangalam are working on Asian Art Preservation Project for 108 Mahasiddhas and Vajrayogini Naropa Lineage, and would like to ask you for your support. We need to raise fund for painting and brocading 84 Indian Mahasiddhas, 24 Togden Tibetan Mahasiddhas, Vajrayogini Naropa Lineage, and Shri Chakrasamvara Body Mandala Art Preservation Projects. We have completed 84 Indian Mahasiddha thangkas, and still need funding for 24 Togden Tibetan Mahasiddha thangkas, 45 Root and Lineage Gurus of Naropa Vajrayogini thangkas, and 62 Deities of Shri Chakrasamvara Body Mandala. These 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus are the source of the Vajrayana Buddhist teachings, meditations, and yantra yogas, including vayu, nadi, bliss, and mahamudra practices.

We will then use these paintings for various activities:

  • Spiritual art exhibition where we will show the paintings of the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus, share their inspiring life stories, teachings, and meditation practices.
  • Creating spiritual videos and podcasts about the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus that we will share for free on our websites (Mangalam Studio108 Mahasiddha, and Vajrayogini).
  • Publishing books presenting the teachings and meditation practices taught by these 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus compiled from original sources. These books will also present color prints of the 108 Mahasiddhas and 45 Gurus. This project will also require translation of original sources from Tibetan and Sanskrit to English.
  • Teachings and meditation practices at Buddhist centers.

One example of our previous Asian Art Preservation Project is 21 Tārā Art Preservation Project. Here, we commissioned painting and brocading thangkas of 22 female Buddhas, Green Tārā and 21 Tārā. These paintings were used for spiritual art exhibition at Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge; publishing “Āryā Tārā Practice Manual”, which provides a complete set of texts and instructions for the practice of Tārā compiled from traditional sources, 22 color Tārā thangka pictures, and various Tārā paintings for visualization meditation aid (Mangalamkosha); sharing Tārā praises, mantras, and videos for free on our website (21 Tara); as well as studying, contemplating, and practicing Tārā meditation at various Tārā groups throughout the United States (Tara Groups).

We will not be able to complete this project without your support, and you can make a big impact by making a gift today. To date, our Asian Art Preservation Project has been shared in more than 130 countries in all four continents. If this project is valuable for you, please help us by making a donation using the following button. The donation can be made by credit card or PayPal.


E MA HO - Amazing Bliss of Union of Wisdom and Compassion

Meg Hutchinson ( sings “E MA HO – Amazing Bliss of Union of Wisdom and Compassion”, adapted from the Great Doha of Mahasiddha Virupa.

This song is released as a celebration of Mahasiddha Virupa’s enlightenment.

Walking on the Footsteps of the Buddha

Offering of praise to Shakyamuni Buddha in celebration of Saka month, during which, the Buddha was born, enlightened, & passed away into Nirvana. Music was performed by Meg Hutchinson.

Sometimes There is Bliss

In the following music video, Meg Hutchinson sings “Sometimes There is Bliss”, adapted from the Great Doha of Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyaltsen.

Mangalam Studio Composer and Singer Meg Hutchinson is starring in a new movie “Pack Up Your Sorrows”

Here’s a trailer for the Pack Up Your Sorrows film!

June 18th, 2015 is the Boston Premiere at the Regent Theatre.

For more info about Meg Hutchinson, please visit:

How Many Miles – A new double album from the archives

Our singer and composer Meg Hutchinson is launching a new album. Please see the video and project description below. Help support her kickstarter project:

About this project

Keith Richardson has been recording my shows for more than 15 years. He has spent a year listening through the material and curating this collection. From eighty favorites we’ve selected 32 songs, 3 poems and some stories that capture the journey. I covered a whole lot of miles in these years but the real journey has always been about traveling in. These songs chart that course. Can’t wait to share them with you!

Risks and challenges

Raising enough money in time!


Nirvana Stupa

Nirvana Stupa in memory of Khenpo Lama Migmar’s late mother, Sonam Yudon

Nirvana Stupa was erected on November 24th, 2012 in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. Sonam Yudon’s five children, led by her two eldest sons Khenpo Lama Migmar and Trinley Tsewang, dedicated the stupa to their late mother on her anniversary. It has quickly become an object for prayer, meditation, and mantra recitation for New England’s Buddhist community. Each of the four sides of the stupa is engraved with the Green Tara mantra to receive healing to overcome suffering, and the Avalokiteshvara mantra to cultivate loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom. Khenpo Lama Migmar says of the memorial, “May whoever comes into contact with this Nirvana Stupa further develop these inner qualities of love, compassion, and wisdom.”

For more information about Nirvana Stupa, please download the following magazine page: Nirvana Stupa


Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā


Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ

Lama Migmar’s dad’s name, Tashi Phuntsok, is dedicated during the traditional 49 day memorial service at the Nirvana Stupa, Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA