Mangalam Spiritual Art Exhibition

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Mangalam Team is pleased to invite you to attend our Mangalam Spiritual Art Exhibition.

The theme of this exhibition is “Female Buddha Paintings”. We will display paintings of 22 Female Buddhas, Green Tara and 21 Tara, according to the lineage of Atisha Dipamkara, one of the great Indian yogis. These paintings were commissioned by Lama Migmar as part of Mangalam Art Preservation Project. Embedded within this art is the wisdom and compassion of Tara. Out of wisdom and compassion, Green Tara manifests into 21 different Tara to pacify all obstacles and provide auspicious causes and conditions for all sentient beings in their daily lives, as well as their practice to achieve enlightenment. Each of these 22 Tara has various practices to overcome various obstacles and attain various siddhis. The spiritual practice of Tara has been one of the most popular practices in Himalayan countries up to now. You are welcome to join us to learn more about the spiritual art, teachings, and practices of Tara.


Sakya Institute

59 Church Street Unit 3

Cambridge, MA 02138


May 26th – 29th, 2015

2 – 5 pm

Please email if you have any question. Please visit the event facebook page:

April 28th, 2015 – Statues and thangkas of 84 Mahasiddhas